Driven by coincidences
Text written by Jimena Peña

We are experiencing Serendipity.  It seems that those non-causalities and surprising coincidences, has been part of the dynamic used by Cynthia Lawson Jaramillo and Klaus Fruchtnis whenever they reach out the Urban Space.  To let this phenomenon pop out and let things happen, there’s an objective to be defined; in this case, this focus could be the weekly word that our artists have chosen since the last 3 years, showing us that they have being chased by coincidences.  They have had to live “out there”, into the Urban Space, in 63 cities, in continuous movement and constantly facing the unexpected.

Over there, within all that movement is when the collaborative spirit of Cross Urban has expanded to whom travels in its Itinerant phase.  Now, is when this play turns inclusive. Causally, every Monday we have been setting an objective for the exhibition.  Then we allow coincidences to chase us, and whenever we are “out there”, into our cities’ urban space, each one of us in their specialities, furthermore, without knowing each other, we have let Serendipity to emerge.

We are experiencing co-creation.  Into a vertiginous rhythm, we have share knowledge and illusions to co-produce the first of several exhibitions.  We have mapped out a route (New York, Tokyo, Madrid, London and Bogota), but we also have built a network which we don’t know where will it take us.  When facing Serendipity?  The best action is to sustain courage and immediacy to protect fragile ideas.   Today we are just five Colombians, each one from a different corner of the globe, but who represent a group of Urban Space followers. Inspired by a simple methodology of our artists, we re-think actual management models to establish new relations with the Urban Space while inviting different groups such as Academy, Institutions, Art Market, Diplomatic Governances and diverse people to discuss around this topic.

We are experiencing innovation.  We have as a multidisciplinary and multi task team who drives the project with recursiveness and with virtual technology according to our contemporaneity.  Those invisible threads between the artists and their team, constructs an experience which has made a breakthrough onto the art world’s individual characteristics.

These experiences and the plastic development of Cross Urban Itinerant during this next year, would be the mainstream of an editorial project.  Up to now we have arrived to Paris holding hands with the artists to observe their common language around the 23 triptychs presented in this catalogue.  The legacy of this first exhibition starts a wide conversation about the meaning of each word while understanding each artist’s stroke; in order to find similarities about the place, the tone, shapes, rhythm, color and the message itself, but above all these, the magic match with a global artistic project who sets a coexistence with coincidences.

Jimena Peña © 2012